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Keynote Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Author, Plane Crash, Cancer, & Heart Survivor
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Reno Gazette Journal - June 20,2011 -  Book Release

Playing With Fire - Life-changing events shape author-s outlook

On March 1, 1978, she survived a fiery plane crash in which she was the last person to exit the aircraft before it exploded. On March 1, 2002, she was diagnosed with stage III melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. On March 1, 2006, she underwent open heart surgery. Donna has stared at death three times and she has walked away unscathed each time.
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How to Fire Up Your Life! Inspirational/Motivational
How I survived a Continental DC-10 plane crash at LAX
Stage III Melanoma - What do you mean there's a chance I might not live!?
Open Heart Surgery?.......but I Feel Fine.
7 Years to Adopt as a Single Mom


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Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) 2014  February 22 - 25, 2014 in Washington DC. This year's conference will be the most comprehensive to date. CRT 2014 will have many new and exciting features, including a new, cutting-edge Valve & Structural Heart track, in addition to its standard five subject areas -- Coronary, Endovascular, Research & Innovation, Technology & Renal Denervation and Nurse & Tech.  With over 1600 attendees, CRT continues to be a leading boutique interventional cardiology meeting. Keynote speakers are Former President of the United States George W. Bush and three time survivor Donna Hartley.

Survivor of three life-changing events to share her story  

Donna Hartley has lived through a DC-10 plane crash, a stage III melanoma diagnosis and open-heart surgery to replace a faulty aortic valve. Each event left her inspired, and she’ll share her story along with her passion for advocating for women’s cardiac health during today’s Women and Heart Disease Luncheon Symposium.

In early 2006, Hartley, who is now a motivational speaker, chalked up her tiredness to stress. While she was a busy 56-year-old mom, she was the picture of good health. The prior week, she had downhill and cross country skied, and twice done aerobics. Still, her grandparents, mother and father died from cardiovascular disease. Her intuition led her to get checked out. She learned from a cardiologist that she had severe aortic stenosis, and two weeks later she underwent surgery. 

In her keynote address, Hartley will call on attendees to take the lead in their partnership with patients. “Physicians have to be clear in their communication, listen and take a pulse on if their patients understand what they are truly saying,” she said. “My surgeon described the procedure step by step. He related to me and was very positive. I appreciated that energy. I believed in him, and I could therefore believe in myself.”

She used the two-weeks to prepare herself for surgery, de-stressing, meditating, eating well and not drinking alcohol. “I didn’t have much time, but if they were going to do their part, I needed to do my part,” said Hartley, adding that she continues her quest to stay heart healthy.

 “Doctors do the best they can do, but they need to put some responsibility on patients,” Hartley said. “Women in particular need to be educated. We take on so much stress in raising our families, managing money and working. We also need to take care of ourselves. I caught it in time, made the necessary steps and I didn’t become a statistic at 56.”


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This true-life Fire Up! series delivers timely inspiration along with timeless wisdom and teaches readers that success is paved with challenging learning lessons.

In these uncertain times, the human spirit yearns for hope and enlightenment so each of us may survive and thrive. The Fire Up! series recounts a compelling true-life journey, delivering timely inspiration along with timeless wisdom. Donna Hartley is crowned Miss Hawaii and her attention is captured by a kind and patient soul, George, who mysteriously prophesies that her success is paved with learning lessons. He relates to her in storytelling form that Donna must survive three life-threatening events if she is to fulfill her destiny. Is George a wise man, a mentor, an angel, or all three?

Fire Up Your Life! recounts Donna's near-death experience in a DC-10 plane crash at Los Angeles International Airport, which occurs directly after she expresses her desire to change her life or die. Trapped in the flaming inferno she receives a mysterious message questioning her actions on earth. She wills herself to survive and is the last passenger out of her section of the aircraft. With the steadfast help of her teacher George, the reluctant student Donna begins a journey of spiritual transformation, committing herself to change her fearful and unhealthy lifestyle. Her first assignment is to fight for improved airline safety regulations. Next she must conquer her destructive relationships with men. Moreover to become a successful entrepreneur she must master her fears.

Fire Up Your Intuition! finds Donna distraught in an emotional and financial crisis. George unexpectedly appears and bestows on her five mysterious envelopes that hold a 30-day assignment that he calls 'the gift of intuition. The banter and discussion continue between student and teacher as Donna works to acquire insight into her own intuitive awareness. Her faithful Himalayan cat, Sheba is by her side as Donna follows George's program step-by-step to learn to trust her feelings and act upon them to master the knowing. George predicts that when she completes her assignment, her dream to adopt a daughter will come true.

Fire Up Your Healing!, due out later this year, shows the sometimes rocky path on the passage toward family forgiveness leading to emotional maturity and the strength to heal. Donna travels from the tragic confines of her mother's post-stroke nursing home to the somber quarters of the judge empowered with deciding the fate for the bitter court battle in which her stepmother has embroiled Donna and her brother upon their father's death. George adamantly advises her to release her anger in order to survive. Could she forgive the alcoholism, the violence, and the indifference? This skill is now essential if she is to survive her stage III melanoma. But can she forgive herself and live to raise her 6-year old daughter? George mystically appears in the hospital to give Donna a shot of spiritual adrenalin and the courage to face down the deadly disease.

Fire Up Your Heart!, due out later this year, begins at the gravesite of her step dad as a heartbroken Donna deals with the eleventh death of family and friends in the past few years. Her nagging intuition forces her to consult a heart specialist and the prognosis is her worst fear: she must have immediate open-heart surgery to replace her failing aortic valve. Mariah, her daughter, now age 10, is the driving force to help her live. Donna's friends rally to lend her support for the delicate surgery scheduled for March 1, the same date of her plane crash and melanoma diagnosis. What are those chances? Donna must summon all her strength and hard won wisdom to survive. Would George spiritually guide her through this life-threatening operation? Has Donna learned her lessons so she can cheat death for the third time?



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